Saturday, August 8, 2009


I arrive @ 6:40pm thinking "I'm late" by the advert for the function but knowing I was Fashionably late by NYC standards. After locating the entrance and navigating restaurant to the venue entrance I'm greeted at the door by a .... Robert Valin & company. I payed my $5 & scaled the asending stair winding its way to an intimate tea lit, asian unspired space. To my right a wall of glass exposed a atrium enclosed bambu enshrowded deck complete with hot tub and a water tower. Just beyond the perimer japanese maples and cherry blossoms danced to the Dj in a rock garden. . I find my way up to the bar etc not knowing what to expect I was suprised to find an empty bar dance floor. Still the music was pumping and the bar tenders ready to pour. I order a second Carona & jager.
By 7:15 THE Dj was doing his thing and a few singles have grown into many groups. The pace quickly picked up by 7:30 with dj was whipping truckstoppers with dark dirty dubs & hard beats that demanded tribute be paid as the music played. The party was finally underway and I anxious to see what all the noise was about.
I was pleased to find out just what all the talk was about. Great music & gorgeous men. Every butch Daddy bear fantasy in the walking flesh.

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