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If you Google skinhead and look at the image results it won't be more than a page or two before you'll come across his work. Drubskin or Drub, lives in San Diego, CA. and is our Artist of the month.


I've got my first laptop and I'm scouring the web for all things that satisfied the
appetite of a 19 year old repressed homo who was now methodically attaching hooking up C4 to the closet door. Ergo anything queer, comics and porn. Preferably all of the above. I'm not sure if we had google back then but my searches quickly yielded a jackpot Drubskin.com. The site featured some of the
coolest hottest art I have seen to date! Besides providing hours of jerk off material, Drub changed my life. I know it sounds well weak. Yet its the truth. But let me back up a bit.

I was already a fan of Tom Of Finland but, this was different. Tom provided j/o material to a kid who had no other option. Artistically he was awesome but this Drub guy seemed to draw directly from my every freaky filthy little fantasy and display them into single frames with simple, elegant lines and color. Lots of color! I was immediately blown away by just and still wonder just how he does it. Most importantly was subject matter. Tom's men are hot! There is no denying that but Drub's men were the guys I fantasized and jerked off to.

Skinheads, Skaters, Rugby players, Coach/ Daddy Fantasies all things that made the cobra stir, strike, and spit. This was the stuff I'd be drawing of I had the skill. I was and still am an avid comic fan and wanted to draw and tell stories of my own. Alas practice never made perfect. Thats why I'm a photographer now and guess who's influence is clearly apparent in some of that photography.

And then there were the things I'd never considered. Looking at Drubs art made my dick hard. It also made me seriously consider piss as an option for fun. His images invaded my fantasies to the point I was inserting myself into these single framed fantasies.

Drub affirmed Vespas are cool and sexy and not just a weak little mopeds Italians ride around on saying ciao.

That was then.

13 years and several laptops later, Drubskin thrives with an expanding gallery of of work in a variety of media including his popular blog. Drub has developed a fan base and that can only be described as a cult following complete with sweaty sock exchange. If you don't know who he is you've probably still seen his work. An amazingly talented artist and a marketing master Drubs artwork has appeared in galleries,many magazines, comic books, as post/ greeting cards club fliers and even Skateboard decks. His logo designs have even been translated into patches by fans.His talents are available for commissioned work and advertising.

Or even a Tattoo.

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