Saturday, August 8, 2009

Got Piss? Part 4 DRUNKEN DADDY


DADDY: was about 6'4" tall & 64 y/o, tall and thin his long stringy hair slick with sweat pulled back in a pony tail he was not at all attractive. His beard enveloped his face and dangled 18" like a silver winter scarf. In front of him a small group of 3-4 guys grouped and sucked on each other. There was already a greedy pig on his knees suckling. I stepped along side him,he said nothing his eyes making appraisal. I moved in closer I could smell his pits, he smelled of beer like a homeless person or trailer trash. I felt me cock stiffen. I felt his hand encircle my hardened cock, he used it to pull me to him. He reeked and it was intoxicating. He cradled my head in his hand and brought my mouth to his huge nipples. I let my mouth envelope one then the other. As I nursed on his nipples his scent became increasingly overpowering. Craning my head, I rubbed my face marking myself with his scent, licking and sucking his pits frantically. Daddy kept my greedy tongue buried in his ripe pits for a while then he turn me toward the bed where I sat. My mouth filled with his formidable cock. It was long, at least 8" and thick. I filled my and throat and submerged in the slick, silver swamp. He reached a long arm around my body and turned us on our sides. All the while his cock slowly sliding between his long thick foreskin and the depths of my throat.
We lay like that on the rubber play sheets for I don't know how long. His hips slowly gyrating, I barely remembered to breath .Only the stench of his pissy sweaty cock encouraged me to breathe deep as I gorged myself on his pulsing, pre cum pump.

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