Friday, August 7, 2009


1st fl: Empty

2nd fl: rear ends are sparse

Roof: Bustling & a Staff member makes his way from one end of the roof to the other breaking up groups of hot horny men with their brandishing their cocks in the sticky summer night air. So much for the show... May as well head down and check out the toilet. I make my way to the rear stairwell in the opposite direction. Four our five hot sweaty hairy horn dogs are getting it on in the alcove at the the top of the stairs. I'm not feeling particularly horny tonight but, when has that ever stopped me from dropping to my knees for a stud much more five. I remove the bottle of poppers and take a l o n g d e e p hit as I approach the growing group groping one another. I'm drawn into the crowd as if it were one living creature with many arms. Some pushing me down. The smell of sweat, sex & seamen invade my nostrils just as the poppers begin to flood my brain. I sank slowly to me knees my hands entangled in the group searching for stability for stimulation. I close my eyes, mouth agape it is quickly filled and fucked by a fat cock. A deep moan bellows in my throat. His cock swells and I eagerly swallow strangling myself on his cock. The crowd has grown and become a pushy mob. I'm pinned to his cock. Even with my eyes open my senses only allow me darkness and funk. Some one grabs hold of my nipple and begins to slow twist. Then the other is seize and suffers the same torment. My whole body is on fire and my cock is about to burst. It's not long before my roam hands surround two more pieces of meat. Suddenly, I'm swayed 45 degrees and another cock fills my throat. I haven't any time to breath I gag and choke as he fucks my face at a fevered pace. His hands envelope ears and every thing goes almost silent. I could hear the moans and groans around me but in the distances like a dream. I try to back away and retake his cock but he almost falls over me and his cock farther into me. It was the i realized he was getting fucked. Some one was really tearing up my tits from behind. He had big arms and used them to lift us both up and steady us. My eyes were filled with tears my tits and throat burned and I have snot saliva and pre cum dripping from my nose. By now my throat had but raped into submission and spasms stopped and I steadied into the top's pace. A thick, rough fingertip glides over my hole.

1:45 It begins to rain...My knees already soaked from the beer piss and cum on the deck sponge up the cool rain. Already shirtless the rain drips of the sweaty crowd and drips into my tightly shut eyes . I try to concentrate on the cock in my mouth working my throat clasping my forearms behind his knees. The rainsweat runs down my neck and back round my ass and into the crack then tickles my hole. A thick, rough fingertip glides over my hole. The tops pace hastens and the bottom let's out a howl. My mouth is filled with hot cream! The top plows harder and deeper and my throat is penetrated deeper and my ass invaded by that this rough finger. I'm about to let loose a geyser!

Every thing Goes White and not in a good way.

2am The Bar Staff returns shining his flashlight like the fuzz. He commands us to stop and pull our pants up or be ejected.

Shame. I think as a zip up my bleachers, I wonder what's going on down stairs.

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